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“It was 1970 when Vasco Lastrucci, my father, decided to buy the farm adjacent to the village, Lecci and Brocchi from the parish priest of Villa A Sesta. The name tells of soils where holm oaks were born spontaneously which, once cut, the stumps of wood called rotters were left on the ground.
The main crop cultivated was wheat, but my father thought that soil so red, stony and rich in minerals could suit the vine; he planted the first vineyard and vinified the grapes after about 5 years, he got a scented, fruity and very special wine. These results encouraged him and so came the other vineyard plots.
The Chianti Classico product, for years and until 2010, has been sold in bulk and sold to the most illustrious producers in the area.
With the 2011 harvest, the farm’s management has passed to me, and with my husband Giancarlo and my still very young son Giovanni, I started this beautiful adventure.
With great courage, supported by my mother and my father, we took the lead of the company and decided not to sell more wine in tanks; On August 1, 2012 came the first bottle of Chianti Classico DOCG 2010, the result of immense commitment, hard work, ideas and…. so many dreams! So many!

The label, like the others, born from the hands of two Chiantigian artists, Francesco Lorenzetti and Rita Frasca Odorizzi, portrays my portrait as the beginning of a new path.
This Chianti Classico is a traditional wine, simple and very related to its terroir and to the public.
With the first months of 2014 the first small exports started and also came good reviews from journalists, sommeliers and industry experts; the 2012 vintage is considered among the best Chianti Classico of Berardenga at AIS in Milan.
At the Chianti Classico of the year, we added a Riserva, dedicated to my father “Il Chiorba”; A year aged in large oak barrels, the same wine that Wine Enthusiast has awarded 91 points and that has also impressed Monica Larner.
In the same years, the idea of a white wine was born, in particular: we sifted our best Sangiovese grapes, harvested early in the morning and we get a product highly appreciated in Italy and abroad: some journalists write about it and call it “A white Sangiovese in the land of the great reds”.
Its name SANGIO is born from the union of the vine from which the Sangiovese comes, and of GIOvanni, my son, who since he was young, engages in company; The back tag shows his portrait.

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2012 is also the year of production of the first Vin Santo Occhio di Pernice, only 300 bottles of 0.500 lt, coming out on the market under the name “Insieme”; on the label is portrayed the tangle made by my hand, that of Giancarlo and of Giovanni.
With the 2015 vintage, came the Meticcio, a white vinification of the most varied red grapes, excluding the Sangiovese. From our oldest vineyard, after long walks between the rows in the warm months of August with our oenologist, we have precisely selected these grapes from strictly native vines that, expertly vinified, gave rise to a splendid “mix of fragrances and flavors” .

METICCIO is a project inspired by my two great passions, wine and animals; The law of “non-purity” is in this rose, made by Alicante, Canaiolo, Prugnolo, Ciliegiolo, Colorino and so on, the same non-purity that in animals, in the case of dogs, is often the cause of abandonment. To them this wine is dedicated, represented on the label by our mongrel dog Tiberius, 1 euro of each bottle sold will be donated.
The aim of this project is to find followers throughout Italy and with the 2016 vintage comes the first: Tenci Zicari in Puglia begins production of Meticcio and the label shows Zaza’s portrait!

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