Spumante metodo Charmat “Gemma”

Spumante metodo Charmat “Gemma”


GRAPES: 50% white Malvasia and 50% Trebbiano toscano

PRODUCTION ZONE: Loc. Villa a Sesta, Castelnuovo Berardenga, 420m a.s.l.

HARVEST: end of August, when the white Malvasia and Trebbiano Toscano grapes are at an optimal ripeness for the production of sparkling wine, therefore with low concentrations of sugars and important acidity.

VINIFICATION: the must, obtained from the soft pressing of the grapes, ferments at 18/20 ° C. The prise de mousse takes place subsequently in an autoclave according to the production principles of the Charmat method.

ORGANOLEPCTIS NOTES: pale straw yellow color made crystalline by the fine and persistent perlage. Aromatically fruity with evident hints of pear and white pulp fruit. It is equally floral with hints of white petal flowers. Its fine and delicate scent is well supported by the right flavor and freshness on the palate where all the previously perceived floral and fruity sensations re-emerge.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: its characteristics make it ideal for enhancing slightly elaborate aperitifs, appetizers and first courses. It is preferably served at 8 ° C.


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